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Helac and WirthWirth Art Advisory, formerly known as Helac & Wirth Art Advisory is a company focused on connecting emerging artists with new collectors. Despite the downfalls of this economic recession, many new opportunities have also opened up in terms of available space to exhibit new talent. Besides cultivating art collections and guiding new collectors with their art investments, our team partners with Real Estate Agents and business owners to coordinate a series of art shows throughout the different vacant spaces of Manhattan. For each show, we also try to partner with a non-profit organization, which receives a percentage from each sale.

Through these art shows, our aim is to bring exposure to talented artists, bring media attention to the venues through their promotion of the arts, and give aid to the people of New York that have been affected the most by the financial crisis.

In order to ensure the professionalism and sophisticated nature of the event, the art shows are invitation only. Invitees include art collectors and industry professionals, each of whom have their own list of high net-worth contacts who bring more attention to the event as well as bring publicity to the space in which the show is held. Each event will be publicized by society and news photographers, as well as through art newspapers, blogs, and other forms of digital media.

We are reaching out to a group of emerging artists who each have their own network of artist friends. We are constantly filtering through images of new artworks and choosing the works that will benefit each space the best. While we frequently promote the work of emerging artists, we also plan to hold annual benefit auctions, which include the work of more established and recognizable names. Each show lasts approximately two weeks, but can depend on the wishes of the landowner.

Our goals are to change the landscape of New York City at a time when there are far too many reminders of the recession. Enlivening empty spaces will stimulate the neighborhood, community, and hopefully encourage commerce.

Sabrina Wirth


Sabrina Wirth, a native New Yorker with a Swiss and Salvadoran background, graduated from Williams College in 2005 with a degree in Art History and Studio Art. Passionate about art and architecture, Ms. Wirth worked briefly with New York architecture firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates after college, and later moved to Rome where she worked alongside the artists and directors of the American Academy in Rome in 2006. Upon her return to New York, she worked for two years at the New York Daily News as a graphic designer and drew weekly cartoons as well as pitched, and occasionally wrote, short articles for the newspaper. After deciding to refocus her attention on art, Sabrina Wirth attended Sotheby’s Institute of Art and in 2009 received her Master’s degree in Art Business. Before graduating, Ms. Wirth founded the company Helac & Wirth Art Advisory, and in 2010 renamed it Wirth Art Advisory.

Our Services

Besides curating art shows in various spaces around Manhattan, Wirth Art Advisory is a full service art advisory firm which offers collection management services for individuals, corporations and hotels with a focus on emerging artists. If you would like to get in touch with Sabrina, contact her at info@wirthartadvisory.com


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